Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Birthday Wish by Christopher Johnson

If it was my birthday, hmm, I would go to a NFL football game and watch my favorite team, the Pittsburg Steelers. I always wanted to see the Steelers in person and watch them play a game. The Steelers have become a good motivation for me as I played football in high school and in everyday life. I would take all my closest friends to see them play too. The reason why is because they were really loyal to me and they also love the Pittsburgh Steelers as much as I do. I would get every football player on the team to autograph my custom made jersey and my custom made helmet. Afterwards, I would go out to eat in all my favorite restaurants in the city of Pittsburgh, from exotic pizzas to delicious seafood like shrimp and crab claws. I would hang around the mall with my homeboys, meeting girls, and getting their phone numbers as birthday presents. Later that night, I would leave my homeboys and take a special girl out to the movies. I would show her a good time and take her out to dinner. And that’s all I would do for my birthday.

To Tell the Truth? by Antavius Sims

Just like the fact that evil can sometimes prevail over good is the very uncommon reason why the truth can sometimes not be the best policy in certain situations. For example, if someone is trying to find information that could ruin someone’s reputation and will ultimately drive that person to commit suicide if he or she has low self-esteem. You could tell the truth about what you that person had done, or tell a lie by saying you haven’t heard anything about that person. If you told the truth in that situation you would probably have a little guilt in your heart knowing that you could possibly contribute to that person’s death. Another scenario is when someone says that if you tell the truth he or she will kill you. You can easily get this idea from the start. The killer will also know if you are telling the truth because he or she will use a lie-detector test. Know look how serious the situation is now. I know that these unprecedented and unfortunate situations are here, but these situations can actually happen to anyone at anytime no matter who you are or what you do. That goes to show you that you should think before you speak.

Changing My School by Sharika Drish

There are several things at Livingston High School that is annoying but I would like to change the way that the education is taught. The teachers at Livingston High only care about themselves. They don’t care if you get the right education or not and that’s very annoying. The teachers tell us that education is the key to success, but yet and still they aren’t trying to make us succeed. They understand that we need education in order to make it far in life or to be better in life. When I first took the ACT I thought to myself I have never seen any of this work before. When I mentioned the ACT to the teachers at one of the meetings they said to me that it’s not their fault we are responsible for teaching ourselves the education we need. I thought why get a job in teaching if you don’t want to teach. I haven’t learned anything at Livingston High, but how to write essays. The teachers go to work to sit on their behinds and get paid for nothing. The way that education is taught at Livingston High needs to better because when we go off to college our professors aren’t going to want to go over things that should have been taught in high school.

Things to Remember by Taniqua Moden

Dear, Mr. McDaniel

I would like to address some issues about the time I spent in your class which was my senior year and how you gave me a hard time in your physics class. As soon as I walked in your class I could sense that you had a problem with. People use to tell me all the time about your class and how hard you try to be, but I didn’t pay any attention to them because I decided that if I go into your class and do my work and do what I was supposed to do then everything would go smooth. I was the only African American student in your classroom, I did not think that would be issue, but it soon became a problem. On the first day of your class as soon as I walked in you told me that u had a assigned seat, but I did not pay any attention to it because nothing really crossed my mind until I noticed that the rest of the students got the opportunity to set where they wanted to that’s when I realized that something was not right.

Next, it was another issue that I wanted to bring to your attention. You always talked about Barack Obama being the president of the United States. I use to get really offended about the statements you use to make. You also allowed other students to turn their homework in a day late, but when I would ask for more time u would say “No, excuses”. I still don’t understand why u treated me the way you did and how disrespectful you was to me and I gave you all the respect.

Finally, I would like to say that thanks for being so shallow and disrespectful because I became a better person by the way u treated me. I learned that some people are just going to be a certain why towards you and judge you without getting to know someone first and that’s the way life is sometimes. I just felt like telling you how I felt and giving you some advice for the future because you never know what God has for you.


Taniqua Moden

Trip I Would Take by Meagin Hinton

If I was given the opportunity to take a trip anywhere in the world I would go to Africa. There are many reasons why I want to visit this location. One reason why I want to attend this place is because I want to learn more about my heritage and where my ancestors really came from. Another reason why I want to visit Africa is because I see on television everyday little kids who need someone to care for them. The final reason why I want to visit Africa is to see the attraction that the country offers.

I want to learn more about this particular place because I was always told and believe that it is the place where my ancestors came from. And I think it would be great way to learn more about my heritage so I can come back home to educate people who really do not know much about it. It would also help me understand meaning of certain things we do which I think reflects on the things from Africa.

In addition to going to learn more about my heritage I want to go to Africa is to help the little kids over there because of the way they are treated. I think that the kids should be treated differently and I want to give them the things that they really deserve.

Finally, I want to visit Africa because I want to experience there attractions and the things the people do for fun. I want to go to their theme parks and see the differences between the ones in Africa and in the United States. I want to ride ostriches, stay in a tree house, ride elephants and swim with the penguins. These are some of the main reasons why I want to visit AFRICA.

Taking Advantage by Lashonda Lewis

they see their way of doing it. I do not think that people should take advantages of others because it is people that really care about others. If a person takes advantage of another person they are not showing that they care. Advantages is something that people do to most people, rather if they are nice, intelligent, smart, disable, or productive. If someone shows their kindness most people thinks that they have a way of doing what they want to them. It is not right to take advantage of someone when people know that they will not be blessed for the things that they do. I do not think that people should take advantages of people that are disable. People who are disable, most of the time they does not know any better. Most of the times they do what their peers tell them, so they do what they are told. Even when they are smart they still take advantages, because they try to get them to do their work even when they know they have the ability to do what they want and need done. People should not do things when they know that they are not good. Everyone should know right from wrong and in a situation of taking advantages they know that is not right. It is good to be positive and not negative because people who are positive with the right aspects would not have a chance to take advantages of others when they know that they are not negative. Most of the time people try to be nice and satisfy everybody who they really care a lot about. When people know that they have people to care about them, they really does not care about someone else feelings. In the mean time as the saying says, “do not bite the hand that feed you.” Think about the people that are going to be helpful no matter what the situation is. An advantage is not a good risk that I will advise someone to take on someone else. When that takes place people will realize that they are being taking advantage of and it will make them feel as if they are a worthless person.

Hero by Liz Coleman

Whom do you consider your personal hero? What qualities make him/her your hero?

The two people that I would consider to be personal heroes to me in my life would be my mother Mattie Williams & my sister Katrina McKinney. With my mother and my sister being my two chooses made doing this paper easier than what it already is. Because of the simple fact that they both have the same qualities, meaning that they are almost alike. So with that being said, the first person I choose to write about is my mother, Mattie Williams, to me my mother makes life worthwhile, she is the most important person in my life next to GOD, she instill in her girls that education is important and to never let no one tell you that you can’t make it or that you are no good for nothing. Also she is a strong independent African American, and that is what makes my mother my first choose. My next chose is my sister, Katrina McKinney, she was my next choose because she is like a mother to me even though she is just my sister. She always let me know that no matter what she got my back, through the good and bad. She is very easy to talk to, and just like my mother she also encourages me to put GOD first no matter what. I’m so glad that GOD gave me a loving family, but most of all a loving mother and sister. I think they hold a special place in my heart and they posses some very special qualities. So those are the people that I chose and my reasons for choosing them.