Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Welcome to the BEST Student Blog!

This blog will be the place that you, the BEST Students at UWA, share your thoughts and ideas on life, learning, and basically, anything else you want to postt. It is a great venue to share poetry, short stories, song lyrics, essays,photos, or other media.

There is a list of blog post topics on our BEST wiki located at http://uwabestsummer2009.wikispaces.com/Blog+Writing+Prompts/
Please choose one and put your name beside the post of your choice. You may also add a post of your own to the bottom of the list, but please remember to put your name. Only one student per topic so choose soon!

Your work will be added in this way.
1. You will use MS Word or Google Docs to write your response to a topic.
2. Then, you will email it to Dr. Fowler at lfowler@uwa.edu.
3. Dr. Fowler will post it to the blog.
4. Finally, the BEST professors and the other BEST students can read and respond to your topic by using the comments link.

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