Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Qualities by Ashley Carter

What quality do you like about yourself--creativity, personality, appearance?

There are a lot of qualities that I like about myself, but being kind is my best quality. I am a very kind person. I can’t be mean or rude to anyone. I have been this way for the longest, and I don’t think I could change that about myself. I love being nice to others. I find it very easy to adapt to others. It excites me to make new friends. Even though I am a nice person, I can also be mean if someone makes me. I also love to cook. I like the way that I can be able to create something with my hands that is delicious, and that puts a smile on my face.

Most people say that I am shy, but they just really don’t know me. Once a person gets to know me, they will realize that I am an easy and laid-back type of person. With my appearance, I like to look nice. I find that keeping myself decent looking will help me go a long way in life. I am proud to have all of these good qualities about myself. All of these qualities make me who I am.

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