Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hero by Liz Coleman

Whom do you consider your personal hero? What qualities make him/her your hero?

The two people that I would consider to be personal heroes to me in my life would be my mother Mattie Williams & my sister Katrina McKinney. With my mother and my sister being my two chooses made doing this paper easier than what it already is. Because of the simple fact that they both have the same qualities, meaning that they are almost alike. So with that being said, the first person I choose to write about is my mother, Mattie Williams, to me my mother makes life worthwhile, she is the most important person in my life next to GOD, she instill in her girls that education is important and to never let no one tell you that you can’t make it or that you are no good for nothing. Also she is a strong independent African American, and that is what makes my mother my first choose. My next chose is my sister, Katrina McKinney, she was my next choose because she is like a mother to me even though she is just my sister. She always let me know that no matter what she got my back, through the good and bad. She is very easy to talk to, and just like my mother she also encourages me to put GOD first no matter what. I’m so glad that GOD gave me a loving family, but most of all a loving mother and sister. I think they hold a special place in my heart and they posses some very special qualities. So those are the people that I chose and my reasons for choosing them.

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