Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Changing My School by Sharika Drish

There are several things at Livingston High School that is annoying but I would like to change the way that the education is taught. The teachers at Livingston High only care about themselves. They don’t care if you get the right education or not and that’s very annoying. The teachers tell us that education is the key to success, but yet and still they aren’t trying to make us succeed. They understand that we need education in order to make it far in life or to be better in life. When I first took the ACT I thought to myself I have never seen any of this work before. When I mentioned the ACT to the teachers at one of the meetings they said to me that it’s not their fault we are responsible for teaching ourselves the education we need. I thought why get a job in teaching if you don’t want to teach. I haven’t learned anything at Livingston High, but how to write essays. The teachers go to work to sit on their behinds and get paid for nothing. The way that education is taught at Livingston High needs to better because when we go off to college our professors aren’t going to want to go over things that should have been taught in high school.

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