Tuesday, July 14, 2009

How is the Art of Literature defined in the eyes of writers and readers? By: Verdie Coleman III

Literature is by far the most powerful form of expression in the world today. Often, there are ways of defining the arts and crafts of literature, but the two that stand out more than any other method are: the views of the reader and the writer. These two views have often been the cornerstone and he building blocks of literature. In the eyes of the writer, he or she has the privilege of using the creative side of their imagination, while yet and still using the tactics and skills learned in the research. As a writer, I have personally known from experience that it’s more heart than it is skills and tactics. Those elements only complement the passion a writer puts behind his or her work. The main goal of a writer’s work is to give the readers an illusion to their liking or instill a meaning to a life lesson, which in turn brings out the views and perceptions of a reader.

Readers view literature on a whole different psychology versus the typical writer. When dealing with literary content, a reader is often looking for something that will draw their attention or help them in their problems, i.e. relationships, family, school, or social life. Readers also want entertainment in their literature as well, much in the areas of fantasy, romance, action, tragedy, or comedy. As the reader reads a piece of work, they are making a critical analysis of the author of that work; And in turn, making a decision to keep reading more or less of a writer’s work.

In conclusion, readers and writers may be different in interpreting the art of literature, but the goals and entertainments of both are one and the same…

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