Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Taking Advantage by Lashonda Lewis

they see their way of doing it. I do not think that people should take advantages of others because it is people that really care about others. If a person takes advantage of another person they are not showing that they care. Advantages is something that people do to most people, rather if they are nice, intelligent, smart, disable, or productive. If someone shows their kindness most people thinks that they have a way of doing what they want to them. It is not right to take advantage of someone when people know that they will not be blessed for the things that they do. I do not think that people should take advantages of people that are disable. People who are disable, most of the time they does not know any better. Most of the times they do what their peers tell them, so they do what they are told. Even when they are smart they still take advantages, because they try to get them to do their work even when they know they have the ability to do what they want and need done. People should not do things when they know that they are not good. Everyone should know right from wrong and in a situation of taking advantages they know that is not right. It is good to be positive and not negative because people who are positive with the right aspects would not have a chance to take advantages of others when they know that they are not negative. Most of the time people try to be nice and satisfy everybody who they really care a lot about. When people know that they have people to care about them, they really does not care about someone else feelings. In the mean time as the saying says, “do not bite the hand that feed you.” Think about the people that are going to be helpful no matter what the situation is. An advantage is not a good risk that I will advise someone to take on someone else. When that takes place people will realize that they are being taking advantage of and it will make them feel as if they are a worthless person.

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