Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Laptops for Everyone? by Benjamin Brooks

Would it be a good idea to give every high school student a laptop computer provided by the school? Why or why not?

High school students today have a lot of access to computers that link to internet and other things to help them with school and entertainment. If it were up to the parents, I think the majority would agree to all high school students receiving laptop computers because it can be very helpful in many ways. Although giving the students laptops can lead to a positive change, it can also be very dangerous in a number of ways. I think giving all high school students laptops would be a terrible idea because not all high school students want to be in school and are looking for a number of ways to get in trouble. The internet is very quick and easy way to get in trouble although the internet is very helpful. If the majority of the students that received laptops dropped out of school and still continued to do badly in school, the money and the materials would have been wasted and could have been used for something else to help the students.

Children are very devious in their own way. I think if the government were to do something like that, all the students trying to do something in school and do something with their lives should receive them. It sounds harsh to those students who really need access to a computer but in reality, the majority of the number of students who receive them are going to drop out of school, slack off on their schoolwork, and get into more trouble. Overall, I think giving all laptop computers to all high school students provided by the schools would be a bad idea.

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